Castle High Students & Suma Farms Turn Grass into Energy


Honolulu (KHON2) – Castle High School and Suma Farms have partnered for a project showcasing the potential to turn crops into renewable energy.

“This partnership was formed mid-2019 to enable and empower our Agricultural Pathway students to utilize our school ag lands to grow and maintain an energy crop called Bana Grass and establish a nursery for planting units,” explains Carlos Severson, Natural Resources Teacher. “The Nursery is the first step in demonstrating how fallow Ag lands can be used to grow biomass, which can be used to produce sustainable renewable energy. The kids love it.”

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green visited the campus to see how it’s working, and talk about the benefits this could have for Hawaii’s clean energy future, for creation of higher tech ag industry jobs, down the road.


Suma Farms

Castle High School

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