Honolulu (KHON2) – Blue Planet Foundation’s “Waypoints” report outlines 50 actions to help the 50th state with post-COVID recovery to grow the economy, create jobs, and boost clean energy.

“COVID has impacted all of us-some in the most devastating ways,” says Melissa Miyashiro, Managing Director of Strategy & Policy. “As a nonprofit, we want to contribute to solutions to help Hawaii recover. We have an unparalleled opportunity to re-imagine our state’s recovery and future from the standpoint of climate, resilience, and equity. That’s what Waypoints does-it outlines 50 actions that foster economic growth, create new jobs, ensure access to affordable energy, and accelerate our transition to 100% clean energy.”

Blue Planet Foundation sees clean energy as a bright spot in our economy, and sees an opportunity to position the state as the clean energy islands of the world-promoting our 100% clean energy progress and the transformation we are undergoing.

“Hawaii can be the epicenter for climate solutions, and the concept of sustainable tourism could to infuse every aspect of the visitor experience, from arrival to departure-Hawaii can be a postcard from our sustainable climate future,” adds Miyashiro. “Examples of Waypoints actions we can take include: developing a carbon offset program for air travel that funds energy efficiency projects in communities, increase the number of rental cars and tour buses that are electric, and others.”

The biggest opportunities highlighted in Waypoints are expanding access to clean energy and clean transportation options to more Hawaii residents. Energy-for mobility, electricity, air travel-is the lifeblood of the islands’ economy. So it makes good sense to leverage the transition to clean energy for systemic change.

The non-profit plans to share Waypoints with lawmakers and other leaders who are shaping recovery efforts and seeks feedback from the community to shape our recovery together.

Blue Planet is a local public charity working to solve climate change, right here from Hawaii. Five years ago, Blue Planet led the campaign to establish Hawaii’s 100% renewable energy law. Today, over half a dozen other states have followed suit with similar 100% goals.

Websites: http://waypointshawaii.org