Common Local Dangers for Pets & Tips from Dogwalker Etc.


Dogwalker Etc. owner Erin Gerwig wants pet owners to know about common local dangers. 

“We are so fortunate in Hawaii that we are free of scary illnesses like Rabies,” says Gerwig. “Living in Hawaii can bring challenges for dog lovers our quarantine laws. Those are very important however so we stay a rabies free place in the world. You can easily adopt from other countries that also are rabies free like Australia, New Zealand and England.”

On the other hand, some pets are just not allowed into our state ever:

i. no snakes
ii. no reptiles like komodo dragons
iii. no ferets 
iv. no hermit crabs (popular pets for kids on the mainland)
v. no gerbils/hamsters

Some really common human foods we enjoy can cause pets to have stomach issues and possibly lead to death of enough is ingested. Those include:
・   Apple seeds
・   Grapes/Raisins
・   Avocado and Avo pits
・   Chocolate
・ Macadamia nuts
・ SALT! (homemade christmas ornaments/yeast dough)
・ anything with Alcohol in it
・ Xylitol (found in Gums and other candies), can lead to liver failure

Also, beware of the summertime heat!

Take into consideration your pet’s breed (short snout dogs), time of day you are out, do you have enough water, etc. 

Dogwalker Etc. staff are fully trained to recognize signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion as well as other pet care details that can mean life or death.

“I most commonly hear of people running into trouble when hiking with their dogs,” adds Gerwig. “They either didn’t bring enough water or dogs get lost off the trail so be sure they are chipped!”

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