Commit to Keiki is a statewide, non-partisan, government, non-government collaborative effort where Hawai‘i’s business, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders are working together to ensure that our state’s youngest keiki (0-5 years old) and their families have a brighter start.  Nanci Kreidman, CEO of the Domestic Violence Action Center, is helping families from across the state.

“We support an integrated, holistic approach for our keiki and their families which addresses three critical needs across the state, including (1) child care and early learning; (2) family violence prevention, and (3) early childhood mental health. All three areas must be addressed if we want our keiki to succeed.  Nationally, Hawai‘i ranks 7th from the bottom in its investment in children, running counter to our local values. And the pandemic has only made the issue worse, causing significant impacts on family stability and early developmental delays. These impacts are due to a lack of quality, affordable childcare and early learning programs and inadequate resources to address an increase in both family violence and mental health.”

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