Cheers! It’s National Wine Day


National Red Wine Day pours in on August 28th! 

So what makes red wine special from other wines?

General Manager of American Wine & Spirits of Hawaii Roberto Viernes says it’s all about the skin of the grapes. 

“There is no pigment in the flesh of the grape so all the color comes from the skin,” explained Viernes.

“During the winemaking process the juice of the grape is kept in contact with skin, thereby extracting all the color, aromatics, tannins and flavors that everyone has come to love in red wine.”

When it comes to the price, the common assumption that expensive wines are the best isn’t exactly true. 

“This is the best time to be alive when it comes to wine” said Viernes.

“You can find tons of quality wines under 20 dollars of all varietals from all wine producing countries.  And our expert wine buyers do a fantastic job of purchasing in bulk at the right price, to pass the savings on to the consumer at Foodland and R. Field.”

There’s a few events coming up where you can enjoy this special beverage.

The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival has a wine-focused event, as well as three wine seminars. 

On October 26, there is the “Winederland” on the rooftop of the Hawai‘i Convention Center sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines, and this year it is a “Big Boy Cabernet-centric” event.

It is a who’s who list of the world’s greatest Cabernets, such as Opus One, Silver Oak, and Favia. 

Then on October 27, the festival holds three wine seminars at Halekulani, and one of them is about red wines—specifically great Beaujolais wine from France.

They will have three legendary producers presenting the wine from domains: Charly Thevenet from Domaine Thevenet, Mathieu Lapierre from Domaine Lapierre and Jean Foillard from Domaine Foillard.

All are from the area of Morgon.  

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