For the first time in almost three years the Shinnyo Lantern Floating ceremony will be back at magic island and allowing participants to place the traditional lantern on the ocean.  John Veneri spoke with Craig Yamamoto from Shinnyo-en Hawaii about this event.

“The Lantern Floating Ceremony allows people to offer remembrance to their loved ones and also because it’s held on Memorial Day, to honor our fallen men and women who served our country.  It’s based on the Buddhist religion but it’s for everyone, open to everyone. I find it very honoring that we can do this on Memorial Day and honor those that have gone before us.  Many people have lost a loved one so I’m sure they have been waiting for this ceremony.”

And this year’s event is going back to the origin when it first started back in 1999 in that those who want to participate will have to register to receive a lantern.  They believe it will be easier and more controlled, so the coordinators are asking to not bring your own lantern but to register for an official lantern. Visit online at and the Shinnyo Lantern Floating app on either IPhone or Android stores.