Honolulu (KHON2) – Chaminade University is providing students with resources to have a successful school year. 

With the upcoming school year ahead, Chaminade University is bringing their values from the classroom to the community with the help of its faculty and staff. 

“We provide a lot of resources for our students that go beyond the classroom. We are very communicative with our students and their families, providing them with resources and support in their personal lives, so that they can have a smooth and enjoyable college experience,” says Danielle Masuda, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, Chaminade University.

According to Masuda, having a healthy mindset is essential when it comes to the upcoming school year. 

“We like to check in with our students before the school year starts, and after it’s completed. We understand that our students have jobs, families and other personal obligations, because of that we want to be supportive to our students, which is why we encourage them to take advantage of our counseling services,” says Leilani Riahi, LCSW, Director of Counseling Services, Chaminade University.

To book a counseling reservation and reach out to the faculty and staff at Chaminade, visit their online website. 

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