Cardiac arrest can happen to healthy people


Jeff Weiss is a First Responder, Kauai County Fire Captain, father of 7, big wave surfer, extreme athlete, endurance cyclist and a paddler.

Friends would call him an adrenaline junkie.  

As a long-time firefighter and first responder he was fully trained in CPR/AED and was a proponent of education in that area.

As a firefighter, Weiss understood the need for ordinary people—bystanders—to be able to respond to a cardiac arrest before they arrived at the scene of an emergency.

It makes all the difference in saving lives.

Little did he know that one day his own life would depend on it.

Weiss experienced cardiac arrest one day while on a family outing.

At first no one realized it was a cardiac event because he appeared to be fit and healthy.

His wife realized he had coded and became distressed.

“Then my prayer was answered”, she explained, “when someone ran toward me with the skills to help, a local lifeguard. He quarterbacked the CPR and told me to keep yelling at my husband.”

Soon, an AED unit arrived with other lifeguards.

The lifeguards had just received their AED 2 weeks before the event.

Weiss was revived and was able to make it to a hospital and safety.

Today, he advocates for AED & CPR education and uses his experience to inspire others.

For more on learning about AEDs & CPR contact the AED Institute.


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