In the war against cancer, the Cancer Center of Hawaii uses radiation therapy to help you beat cancer. Radiation therapy is the use of high energy x-rays to treat disease, specifically cancer. It is focused to a limited portion of the body. One may get radiation either by external-beam radiation; this is done by a machine called a linear accelerator. A patient would come in daily for this type of treatment. One might also have internal radiation where a radioactive material is inserted into the treatment area such as with some prostate cancers.

There are many members of your radiation team, some you will meet and some you will not.  Once you consult with the Radiation Oncologist, he or she will explain the need for radiation and what to expect. You will then meet with a radiation oncology nurse; they will go over patient care and possible side affects you may encounter. A Radiation Therapist will be doing you simulation and administering your daily treatment. While you are waiting to start your treatment, a dosimetrist and medical physicist will be preparing your plan for treatment.