Busy Bees’ Buyers is an errand running and personal service, for homes and businesses.  They do everything from picking up groceries, prescriptions, gifts, dry cleaning, home and garden supplies, office products.  They will also check on your home while you are out of town, stand in those lines at the tax and post office.  They will basically do, just about anything that can be delegated to another person.

There are several things that make Busy Bees Buyers special. First, and foremost, they let God lead. Secondly, their pricing.  Since every request and person is different, we allow the customer to select the fee they feel is fair and can afford.  This gives us the opportunity to accommodate every financial demographic and the ability to say “yes” to everyone who needs our services.  Thirdly, of every dollar our customers pay in service fees, they donate at least 10% to God’s Tithing Foundation that helps those in need, primarily hot meals for the homeless.   Not to mention, for every errand they run, they will donate $1 to help local beekeepers after the year ends.

808-ERRANDS (377-2637)

Website:  www.BusyBeesBuyers.com

Email:  Donna.Rodriguez@BusyBeesBuyers.com or Errands@BusyBeesBuyers.com