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Many people aren’t comfortable discussing their final arrangements, but it’s important for families to understand what’s involved when a loved one passes way.  It’s a conversation everyone needs to have.

All of us from time to time, even in casual conversations with friends, have said something to the effect of, “what do mom and dad want when they die.”  At times even a husband and wife may not even know what each other one wanted.  Borthwick Mortuary wants to encourage families to talk about it.  Make decisions that you don’t want your spouse or children to have to make, especially at an emotional time. Make sure you inform your family where all your legal documents are: military discharge papers (DD214), medical records, social security, information, insurance policies and any written instructions you have left behind to be followed. Specifically prearranged funeral and cemetery arrangements. These are just a few things that families tend to forget about until it’s too late. You need to get organized and be prepared; you never know what may occur tomorrow. Make your wishes known.

Funeral services have evolved and, in fact, continue to evolve. What options are available for people to memorialize a loved one? We wanted to know more from Melvin Kalahiki.

Today we like to refer to a funeral service as “A Celebration of Life” This time shared by family and friends should bring comfort. Using videos, photographs, music, special readings, mementos and the involvement of family and friends are all appropriate, encouraged and allow those in attendance to share wonderful stories of the times they had together.  A Celebration of Life can be personalized in any way you could possibly think of. Borthwick Mortuary can customize in ways that truly honor loved ones, incorporating all the cherished details about that loved one’s life. We serve families who want very traditional services and other families who want to memorialize their loved one in a unique and expressive way, incorporating hobbies, collections, interests and even occupations into a service. A funeral professional is a great resource to explain all of the options available – and can make the celebration a truly unique and personal experience. All of us have had someone pass and yet we still remember the smallest details about them because we miss them.”

Merci Soriano, Sales Manager for Borthwick Mortuary also wants to remind people to document their wishes.

“Many people think they have taken care of everything by writing a will, establishing a living will or even purchasing their cemetery plot. But that’s not all.  A will simply leaves instructions for the handling of an individual’s financial affairs, while a living will usually clarifies certain general wishes regarding medical treatment. The funeral or cremation service still remains to be planned and paid for. Without some direction, the loved ones you leave behind might be unsure of how to proceed, and that can lead to feelings of guilt or shame, or even disagreement about how to manage your affairs.  Make sure that you or your loved one’s wishes are recorded in writing and shared with family members and an attorney. Keep a copy with important papers in a place that is easily accessible to family members.”

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