Honolulu (KHON2) – Empowered: Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future is receiving national recognition with a 2022 Emmy Nomination.

KHON2 and Blue Planet Foundation’s 12-part series, “Empowered: Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future” discusses the importance of renewable energy for the Hawaiian islands, and it’s journey towards clean energy. 

“The show features local families, businesses, and community leaders who are all taking action in a variety of ways to tackle the climate crisis. Topics include clean transportation and mobility, different types of renewable energy, the climate science and research happening in our islands, the impacts we are seeing due to climate change, and some amazing stories from our youth,” says David Aquino, Creative Director of Blue Planet Foundation.

According to Aquino, “Empowered” is to start a conversation about the importance of Hawaii’s youth and their involvement.

“Hawaii’s next generation is such a bright spot in what is a very heavy discussion. As much as we are seeing some of the effects of climate change now, these impacts will continue to grow over time. The youth are really concerned for their future, and so they are decisively and diligently taking action. They are getting involved in policy and becoming advocates, they are learning and preparing for careers in STEM, fields that are very important in regards to climate change. We also highlight artists, writers, and storytellers who are sharing their voice in that way,” says Leigh Ann Communications Director of Blue Planet Foundation.

Mayberry feels the recent Emmy nomination has to do with the stories shared by Hawaii and its people. 

Mayberry says, “Stories are how we relate to one another, how we understand each other. So when it comes to sharing about an overwhelming topic like climate change, especially in a time when so many of us are experiencing disaster fatigue, stories have the ability to instill hope and compel people to take action. Blue Planet was able to share 72 stories throughout the first season of Empowered and now continuing to do so through our ‘We Are 100 campaign.'”

Viewers can follow Blue Planet Foundation from the Regional Emmy Awards gala in San Francisco, along with the full segment that was nominated, via the official Blue Planet Foundation website.

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