Honolulu (KHON2) – Big Tire Bootcamp trains Mikey Monis and Kelly Simek ahead of their 2022 Spartan Race in collaboration with 1 Mile 1 Veteran podcast. 

Located in Ewa Beach, Big Tire Bootcamp is aimed to help those looking to regain their strength, endurance, virility and form. 

“The goal of our bootcamp is to assist with all areas of their fitness journey. Whether they are beginners or advanced,” says Alim Shabazz, Founder of Big Tire Bootcamp. 

Shabazz and his team will be working with the 1 Mile 1 Veteran podcast, alongside Living808’s Mikey Monis and Kelly Simek to get them ready for the 2022 Spartan Race.

“The goal of this podcast is to inspire and help veterans who are dealing with trauma. The length of the podcast is exactly the amount of minutes it takes to complete 1 mile. We are happy to work with Alim to help us get ready for this race, in honor of our veterans,” says Leigh Ann Mayberry, Producer of 1 Mile 1 Veteran Podcast.

To learn more about Big Tire Bootcamp and its classes, log onto their official website. Those wanting to stay updated with the 1 Mile 1 Veteran podcast, cam do so online. 

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