Honolulu (KHON2) – Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii is honoring Military Appreciation Month by recruiting active military members to volunteer.

“I started volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters last year when things at my unit slowed down a bit, and I realized I wouldn’t be deploying again soon. Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is something I’ve wanted to do for years. My dad volunteered as a mentor when he was a young Air Force officer, so I always had this example in my mind of it being something that fit well with military service. The more I looked into it on my own, the more it seemed like a great place to be involved. I love the mission and believe in the importance of providing kids with mentors and companions as they grow up,” says Phillip Coale, Volunteer, Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii.

According to Coale, being a volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii aligns with his mission as an active military member.

Coale says, “The military is very good at developing some aspects of leadership. And there are other skills like patience, meeting people where they’re at, communicating in different ways that we help develop. It really depends who you work for and where you go in your military career. Volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and see the world from a different perspective. Being a role model to a child, you become more aware of the importance of listening, communication and really focus on helping someone other than yourself. This helps to build empathy and soft skills which are important traits to being a successful leader.”

Active duty military members inquiring to volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii can visit their official website.

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