Living808 is bringing you the Best of Honolulu, checking out Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Vegan Soft Serve” winner: Banan.

The popular soft-serve is made from locally grown bananas, it’s dairy-free and can be seen as a “guilt-free dessert”, with tasty toppings. 

Banan goes through anywhere between 4000-6000 pounds of bananas per week.

All of the bananas are grown on the islands. 

They come from Sugarland Farms in Kunia. 

Papayas are usually from Moloka’I from Kumu farms. Pineapples are form Maui.

Banan often uses macadamia nuts, honey, liliko’i, ginger, turmeric, mint, and other flavors that are grown within the islands. 

Spirulina grown and harvested on the Big island is also used.

Three good friends from high school started the business with one food truck on Diamond Head and the business has grown with locations on University Avenue, Kahala, Waikiki, and catering trucks, with a new shop opening soon in Kailua.

Banan has a few fun things in the works. 

They have an event truck that just launched. 

Banan is building out a new shop in Kailua that they’re excited to open this summer.

They’re also working with a young banana expert/enthusiast, Gabe Sachter-Smith of Counter Culture Organic Farms, who is growing a variety of banana that’s normally not commercially available.

That should be hitting menus in about another 9-12 months.