Best of HONOLULU: Kealopiko

Kealopiko at Ward Village is your one-stop shop for stylish, apparel for Mom, Dad and keiki. 

It won the title for “Best Family Shopping” from HONOLULU Magazine’s editorial team.

Owner Hina Kneubuhl says that from the very beginning one of the pillars of Kealopiko’s business was to offer not just designs based on Hawaiian plants, animals, people, and history but to provide customers with the story of each design and the Hawaiian language that goes with it, whether that’s incorporated into the design itself (show a shirt with an ʻōlelo), or simply shown on special moʻolelo tags.

“Many of the plants found in our designs are rare or endangered and people don’t get to see them everyday, yet we should all know they exist, where they are found and why they have become so rare, and this moʻolelo tag will tell you that.,” explained Kneubuhl.

Kealopiko focuses on supporting local commerce and local communities.

“We live in such a wonderfully creative, talented and vibrant community that needs our financial support to keep going. Every time you purchase something made locally, you put that money back into our local economy where it does the most good for our community.” Kneubuhl continued.

“You also help practices stay alive. Buy the lauhala hat, the shell lei, the beautiful pieces of kapa, because if we stop buying, those artists might stop making and that’s one less person keeping that art alive. So, keep it local and keep it fresh, because that’s what’s best for Hawaii!”

Kealopiko offers a wide variety of locally made products in addition to clothing, like soaps, alphabet cards, and more.