Best Buy helps get rid of old electronics


If you’ve got some old electronics or tech toys you need to dispose of but are not sure what is a safe way to get rid of them, Best Buy can help.  

Nathan Shwegman a tech expert from Best Buy stopped by the Living808 studio to let the viewers know the best way to dispose of old electronics.

  • Almost any type of old electronics including cell phones, CD players, cords, computers, mp3 players, tablets and more can ALL be recycled. 
  • Best Buy accepts tube TVs with screens smaller than 32” and flat panel TVs with screens smaller than 50” in-store. Larger TVs and appliances can be picked up via haul-away for a small fee

With regards to recycling:

  • Check with your specific recycle location on specifications and limitations on what and how much can be recycled at one time 
  • Many retailers offer haul-away services for larger appliances needing to be recycled, which MAY sometimes cost a fee.

So many people are afraid of returning items that had personal information on it but Shwegman has options for you as well.

  • If the device has memory storage, be sure to wipe your personal data from it. If you need help, visit a local expert to ensure you’ve done this correctly. 
  • Make sure the device is clean and without broken pieces or it won’t be accepted.
  • Take your devices to a reputable recycling outlet, like a local retailer with a recycling program or a county hazardous waste drop-off location, to ensure that your products are handled responsibly

And some retailers have trade in programs.  

But what is the difference between trade-ins versus recycling, and what are the benefits?

  • Trade-In is a convenient way to redeem retailer gift cards in exchange for old technology 
  • At many retailers, if you can’t trade-in your product, you can simply recycle it for free. 
  • Often trade-ins are not available inside retailers but are available online. Check their website for specifics. 

Best buy has a couple of great programs that can help any and all with tech gadgets.  

To learn more about these programs, you can visit them online at or on social media @BestBuy

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