Honolulu (KHON2) – Pour Moi’s Summer Skin Care helps beat the heat in Hawaii’s hot local climate with it’s advanced formula. 

Pour Moi Climate Skin Care is available across different countries with advanced technology to help protect skin against its region’s sun rays and heat. 

“The heat is different in various parts across the United States. Some states have a more dry heat and some do not. Hawaii has a special climate which requires special heat protectant products, as its weather is not the same as the rest of the country’s,” says Ulli Haslacher: Founder & CEO of Pour Moi Climate Skin Care.

According to Haslacher, Hawaii’s unique heat and humidity steals moisture  from its residents. 

Haslacher says, “I call it ‘moisturizer thieves,’ because the sun is so hot and beams down on Hawaii our body’s natural moisture is being taken away. At Pour Moi Climate Skin Care we have a special bundle that is created just for Hawaii residents.”

Valid until August 31st, Hawaii residents can take advantage of Pour Moi Climate Skin Care’s “Beat The Heat” bundle. A luxurious 3-piece kit includes lean anti-aging Blue Serum, a Tropical Moisture Mask and their award-winning Tropical Day Cream. 

Pour Moi Climate Skin Care’s “Beat The Heat” Bundle (Hawaii):