Paintless dent repair is a method of fixing door dings and minor dents without the use of fillers like bondo. If a dent doesn’t need repainting, Mirage PDR can massage the metal with metal rods from the back side of the dent along with tapping from the outside to remove the dent. The end result- it looks like the dent never happened.

We asked owner of Mirage PDR, Troy Ginoza, the benefits of going with this procedure as opposed to traditional body work.

1) You keep your original factory paint, which is the most durable paint you’ll get. And since we don’t need to repaint it, you don’t have to worry about the color fading, or color matching.

2) It’s generally about one third to half the cost of conventional body work and paint. So you save money.

3) Convenience- we can come to you to do the repairs.

4) Saves time- most repairs can be fixed within an hour and even the more extreme cases can be fixed within the day. Conventional body work and paint will take a few days, if not more.

5) It’s environmentally safe. We basically use only our hands and metal rods to fix the dents.

We also asked why choose Mirage PDR.

“ Experience, more than anything else, matters when choosing the right Paintless Dent Repair company. You basically get once chance to fix the dent and get the best quality outcome. I started learning paintless dent repair in 1998, so that’s 23 years of experience in the trade. And I started Mirage Paintless Dent Repair in 2003, so that’s 18 years in the business.  My full-time technician, Terrel Torigoe, has been with me since 2004, that’s 17 years. So you’re getting a lot of valuable experience with Mirage. We are also insured, and if we can’t fix something, we don’t charge. We have a satisfaction guarantee.”

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