The Car Parlor is the newest and most technologically advanced car wash in town.  

Owner Judy Kim-Sugita traveled all over the mainland and Japan to make this car wash an experience to remember.  

According to Kim-Sugita, the car wash is a living thing when you factor in who is behind it and running it.

She believes that like everything you need to change with the time.  

The Car Parlor does that with its high quality materials and colorful drive thru.

The Car Parlor also supports an app available on IOS and Android systems.  

This app allows for scheduling and purchasing of washes and alerts you to special offers and sales.

One of the things Kim-Sugita is most proud of is the efficiency and environmentally friendly this car wash is.

Using recycled water and filtering what goes on your car and even what goes back into the sewage is cleaner than any other wash.