Ask Dr. Rupie: Work from Home Healthy Habits

Ask Dr. Rupie

Honolulu (KHON2) – In our latest Ask Dr. Rupie segment, we talked about the importance of creating healthy habits while we work from home.

Rupal Gohil, MD explains that working on a routine and schedules are important components to the day. “Creating a designated space to work from, ensuring plenty of light, a comfortable place to sit, keeping a consistent schedule with scheduled breaks and a scheduled end time” are key stresses Dr. Rupie. 

She adds that routines are important when it comes to diet, exercise, and sleep, saying “It’s easy to snack all day when you’re home, lose a fitness routine and sleep at odd hours. All of these affect your overall health and even your immune system. At a time like now, we want to strengthen our immune systems, so these measures can help. Additionally managing stress. Working from home is tough! Figuring out ways to reduce stress can help.”

Other tips when working from home?

Try a stand up desk, drink plenty of water, connect with friends and colleagues, leave the house, get outdoors and limit your media consumption.

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