Resolutions are made to be broken, but intentions can bring you closer to your goals. Dr. Rupie is in the house for our first segment of 2020 and she picked the perfect topic- Wellness Intentions.

Dr. Rupie (Rupal Gohil, MD) is a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist with a passion for integrative and lifestyle medicine. She is a practicing physician at several hospitals in Hawaii.

In addition to her medical practice, she has served on the medical executive board at a local hospital and as a physician adviser and medical director for a major health system. Dr. Rupie has had a wide scope of practice through telemedicine, urgent care, outpatient clinic and as an acute care hospitalist in both city and rural settings both nationally and internationally. 

In her career spanning over a decade, she has overseen the care for tens of thousands of patients.

Check out Dr. Rupie’s website for tips on Body Basics, Common Ailments, Prevention and more!