Appetito Waikiki


Every second Friday, Appetito Waikiki holds it’s Vino Sociale or “wine social” in Italian which is the much more casial, carefree version of a wine tasting event.  

Guests are treated to an exclusive and unique experience like a dinner party or invitation-only social parties in the neighborhoods of Paris.

Everything is laid out grazing table style so guests are encouraged to walk up to the table and make a plate or grab a second helping as they would at a friend’s house.

Appetito also includes special activities such as henna tattoos.

Guests have an opportunity to try off-menu dishes that pair well with the wine selection for the night. Food include a gorgeous charcuterie display—called a grazing table—of cheese, meats and fruits to start.

Once guests settle in, thye’ll be given the night’s menu; there’s usually ten dishes altogether. Chef de Cuisine Naomi Ito and her team create a rotating menu of dishes for Vino Sociale so it’s worth coming back every month! 

Vino Sociale Friday takes place every second Friday of the month at Appetito Craft Pizza, from 6:00 PM by reservations only for 20 people at maximum. Reservations by phone at (808) 922 – 1150. 

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