Ann Kaplan Shares tips on being ready


Star of the reality TV show Real Housewives of Toronto, Ann Kaplan, has taken her experience and applied it to becoming a businesswoman and author. 

“I think, from the show, I am more cognizant of being ‘camera ready’ … with Social Media, you are more likely to have your picture out real time – so, yes, I am a walking example of someone that admits to being camera ready. My family does live here on the island, I feel I am home when I am I Hawaii – so I do post a lot of me on the islands – it is me, Hawaii is me – and if I am going to post – why not be ready for a picture?”

Kaplan is an author, releasing her book entitled, “How to be Successful in spite of Yourself” and was asked what people should do to find happiness not just for New Years but all year long.

“Well, I don’t think you can pursue happiness, but you can do things where the outcome makes you happy. I try to be cognizant that every moment counts and, well, we talked about being ‘Camera Ready’ – why not live a life where your personality and your actions are prepared? What I mean is that you are spiritually grounded, you are surrounded always by people you want to be with, you take care of your body …by eating and fitness …and you are financially living within your means then every moment can and will be yours …  you’ll own your moments. You choose how you live your life and that, I suggest, will bring you happiness.”

Kaplans book can be found at local bookstores and you can follow her on social media @annkaplan_ownit

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