Covering pet care costs with health insurance for pets

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Compared to the cost of human health care, veterinary care is a real bargain.

It is not unusual to see bills of $5000 for a major illness or injury in a pet.

The cost for care for that same injury in a human could easily be $50000.

But the uninsured $5000 for your pet would be coming straight out of your pocket so you notice it a lot more.

Just like for people there is health insurance for pets.

There are many companies offering this insurance.

The folks at Gentle Vets of Hawaii Kai can help you choose from among the best companies.

You need to have insurance in effect for some time before coverage takes effect.

The key is to buy it now, not later when you need it.

Veterinary hospitals are typically operated by people who love pets, not business.

Therefore they do not have huge profits, in fact there is a real financial crisis in veterinary medicine where new graduates cannot even pay their student loans.

If vets just give away their services they will go out of business.

It is up to you as pet owners to prepare for your pet.

Wellness programs can also help keep costs down.

They include a large package of preventive services at huge discounts.

Everybody wins with these since we detect health care issues earlier when they are easier and cheaper to resolve.


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