The American Marketing Association’s 2023 Pacific Marketing Conference is just a few weeks away and for the first time since 2019, it is back to being a fully-in person event. After having virtual and hybrid events the last couple of years, which have been beneficial in that they were able to facilitate conversations with more national brands & experts as well as welcome attendees from around the world, due to the flexibility of the virtual and hybrid format.  VP of the Conference Chelsea Tsuchida joined John Veneri about this years edition of the event.

“Based on feedback from our past attendees, we recognize the desire, need and value for the in-person experience so we are committed to delivering that this year. To enhance the event experience, we are also adding an afternoon coffee break so attendees, speakers and sponsors have more time to connect with each other and get some afternoon fuel! Attendees will also receive lifetime access to replays of all the sessions, since they can’t possibly be everywhere at once! That way, they can choose which sessions they’d like to attend during the day, and still have the ability to watch the sessions they didn’t attend live, or simply want to revisit the content, at a later date.”

If you work in marketing, media, or communications and are looking for tangible takeaways and strategies that you can implement in your work and business than this conference is for you.  It’s also for Small business owners & entrepreneurs who want to learn more about marketing and If you’re looking for marketing talent to add to your team.  The goal is to have you leave feeling informed and inspired to innovate in your career and your business when it comes to marketing.

You can purchase tickets online at or and tickets are on sale until June 16. They are also offering special rates for non-profit organizations, students and groups of 3 or more.