Honolulu (KHON2)- As part of Aloha with Pride week on Living808, we talked with the Hawaii Surrogacy Center about forming your family through surrogacy.

“Gestational surrogacy is one way that a same-sex couple can have a child that is biologically related to them,” says Andrea McAfee, Director of the Hawaii Surrogacy Center. “About half of the families that we work with are part of the LGBTQ+ community.  The intended parents work with a gestational carrier who becomes pregnant using an embryos that they’ve created through IVF.  You can use an egg donor or a sperm donor during the IVF process.”

There are other parties involved. Attorneys draw up contracts, psychologists explore the motivations and mental health of everyone involved, escrow companies hold all the funds to be paid to the gestational carrier, and an agency coordinates all the parties involved.  

Hawaii is a surrogacy friendly state so if you are a same-sex couple, both of your names can go on the birth certificate.

As for cost, McAfee explains the process this way, sayin, “The cost does vary and with a same-sex couple that needs either an egg donor or sperm donor, you’re looking at a total journey cost of around $100,000.  Some expenses may be covered by your insurance or employer benefit plans, but usually not much.  We know that cost is a huge factor in deciding if surrogacy is right for you.  So we have free financial advising available for all our families.  Our advisors have been able to find grants and special discount programs, many of which are focused on helping build LGBTQ+ families.  So there are resources out there to help.”

Website: www.hawaiisurrogacy.com