Aloha Harvest was founded in 1999 and is the largest Hawaii nonprofit organization focused on food rescue and sustainability. In the past 22 years, we have worked with over 1,000 community partners. Recently, we reached a major milestone of 30,000,000 pounds of rescued food since we started operations. This year, Aloha Harvest will serve as a sponsor of the Visitor Industry Charity Walk, and Phil Acosta, the Executive Director at Aloha Harvest, joined us to talk all about it        

Acosta said, “On August 20th, we are expanding our partnership with the Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association and the Visitor Industry Charity Walk by sponsoring a breakfast tent for all the volunteers and walkers who will be raising funds to help hundreds of local charities throughout the State. In the past, Aloha Harvest has been a grant recipient as well as the recipient of excess food from the event itself. During the height of the pandemic, we also partnered with HLTA to co-host 5 food distribution events to benefit thousands of hospitality workers that were severely affected by the pandemic.” 

Residents can still sign up to participate in this year’s Charity Walk! For information or to sign-up, visit