Like the Aloha Festivals, Watanabe Floral has been around since 1946! Started by Ernest and Shizue Watanabe, Watanabe Floral spent the first 38 years strictly as rose growers. First in Kahala, then Hawaii Kai, before moving eventually to Waimea on the Big Island. In 1974, they became the first company to import flowers for wholesale sales, then in the mid 80’s started to do retail. Monty Pereira, General Manager and Sales & Marketing Director of Watanabe Floral Inc., joined us to talk about the history of Watanabe Floral and their partnership with Aloha Festivals.                             

Monty talked about why he thinks Aloha Festivals is so important. “Our Hawaiian culture is so precious and having the opportunity to share it with everyone from near and far gives them an opportunity to truly understand and learn about the history of Hawaiian culture.”