Honolulu (KHON2) – Hawaii, known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, comes alive during the Aloha Festivals, the largest Hawaiian cultural celebration in the state. This year, the festivities began on Friday, September 22nd, and will extend throughout the weekend, drawing locals and visitors alike. The theme for 2023 is “Piliʻāina,” which translates to having kinship with the land, a concept deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. Rick Egged, Aloha Festivals Executive Director, joined Living808 with the details!

In the Hawaiian language, “pili” signifies a personal connection or a close relationship with someone or something, while “hoapili” translates to a close or dear friend. The theme, “Piliʻāina,” emphasizes the importance of nurturing and paying attention to our relationships, not only with each other but also with the land that sustains us.

One of the highlights of the festivities was the 69th Annual Waikīkī Hoʻolauleʻa, which took place on Saturday, September 23rd. This event is Hawai‘i’s largest annual block party, featuring an enticing blend of local food, music, and entertainment. The streets of Waikīkī came alive with vibrant displays of Hawaiian culture and the spirit of aloha, drawing people from all walks of life to join in the celebration.

Another main attraction in the Aloha Festivals lineup is the 75th Annual Floral Parade, presented by ʻAlohilani Resort Waikīkī Beach, which kicks off on Saturday, September 30th. The parade starts at Ala Moana Park and winds its way down Kalākaua Avenue to Kapi‘olani Park, commencing at 9 a.m. This parade is a sensory delight, with colorful floats adorned with an abundance of Hawaiian flowers, horseback riders showcasing their skills, and captivating performances that showcase the island’s culture and history.

The Aloha Festivals 69th Annual Waikīkī Ho‘olaule‘a is a significant part of the celebration, as it transforms Kalākaua Avenue into a festival wonderland. This event is a testament to the vibrant culture and spirit of Hawaii, where traditions are celebrated, relationships are strengthened, and the profound connection to the land is honored.

As the Aloha Festivals continue to bring people together to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Hawaii, the theme of “Piliʻāina” reminds us to cherish our connections, be they with each other or with the land that gives life to our islands. 

For more information, visit alohafestivals.com