Honolulu (KHON2) – A healthcare event called the Aharo Conference happening now on the Island of Hawaii shines a spotlight on vulnerable populations.

The primary message to those attending the conference is that only by combining the many social determinants of health with medical factors, can we accurately predict the true risk of the vulnerable populations served by the community health centers. Artificial intelligence-based risk models enable this complex analysis and also help clinic staff manage these vulnerable populations effectively by analyzing which services are most likely to help mitigate or reduce these complex contributors of risk. I also shared the results of a couple of such analytics-driven projects currently being implemented in Hawaii that show encouraging results with reduced costs of care for patients served.

With the expertise of Foresight, AI-driven analytics can predict  patients’ health risks, costs, and adverse outcomes. By combining patients claims data, prescription usage, hospital and ER visits as well as their social needs, we’re able to stratify our patients into cohorts that may have similar disparities. They than take these cohorts and assign them to particular staff who reach out to patients and (with the help of Foresight) identify targeted interventions to improve their outcomes or identify the enabling service that would most likely reduce risk and costs not only on the patient level but the cohort level as well.

These engagement activities could be a range from identifying social needs that have an impact on their medical care. Reviewing medication lists that may have not been updated. Or, by spending time with a patient who present with substance, alcohol, DV and mental health issues. Dedicating the time needed to address these issues and making the appropriate referrals and follow up is key to lifestyle changing.

Regarding lessons learned:  Something we already knew was the importance of developing good rapport with our patients. Health centers are trusted pillars in the community so it’s important to draw from that and come with a talk story approach which helps to open the conversation and build trust.

KHON2’s Kamaka Pili brought Living808 a live report talking with guest Dr. Ashish Abraham, President of Foresight Solutions and Leinaʻala Kanana about the significance of the conference.