Honolulu (KHON2) – AES Hawai’i staff and their families gathered at Koko’o Oiwi to volunteer their time to help perpetuate the cultural significance loʻi kalo is to future generations.

“Giving back to the community is part of our mission at AES Hawai‘i and it’s something that our employees really want to do. Throughout the year, we organize company-wide events that bring us together in support of important cultural, environmental and community projects, like Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi. Our employees appreciate the dedication and work being put in by nonprofits to support community projects and we want to help out wherever we can,” says Sandra Larsen, President of AES Hawaii. 

Accordig to Larsen, the loʻi at Kākoʻo ʻŌiwi is an historical site that exemplifies how native Hawaiians utilized and lived in sustainable harmony with the island’s natural resources to thrive as a community.

Larsen says, “We saw a day of volunteering at this site as a wonderful opportunity to support Heʻeia Wetlands’ ongoing restoration and preserve its legacy. We have a team of employees that come together from around the state to volunteer their time in support of cultural sites and environmental treasures that are important to Hawaii’s history and its future. Doing what’s best for Hawaii’s future generations is at the core of AES Hawai‘i’s business outlook, and that’s true for the volunteer work we do in the community.”

To learn more about AES Hawaii and its effort to protect and preserve the Hawaiian culture and environment, visit its official website. 

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