AEDs help ‘Iolani School provide a safe environment for its community


AEDs or automated external defibrillators are part of the way ‘Iolani provides a safe environment for its community, including students, teachers, parents, and visitors.  

According to Shannon Yonamine,  Director of Health Services at the school,  they currently have 17 AED’s on campus and will be adding two more with the addition of the dormitory and faculty housing. 

Yonamine says the AED’s have already saved lives.

“There were three situations, one involving a teacher during the school day and one involving a coach during an after school practice. Fortunately, our nurses and trainers and teachers acted quickly and knew what to do and our campus is equipped with AEDs. There was also a parent spectator at a swim event on campus.  Another parent who was a nurse started CPR and the AED was used,” she says.   

The AED Institute certified 5 members of their staff to be instructors.  

They also provide annual updates and keep them current with the most up to date information on CPR and AED’s.  

“AED Institute makes the process very easy for us by finding many avenues to get the information to us.  If we aren’t able to attend a class, they provide the information via email, do live webcast segments so we can view while at work or have even come to large group settings on campus to assist us,” says Yonamine.   

 If you’re looking to establish an AED/CPR program, Yonamine suggest speaking with someone from AED Institute.

 “They can guide you on what it takes to have and maintain AED’s on campus.

 It is not only the AED’s presence on campus but also the education so bystanders will feel empowered to provide help,” says Yonamine. 


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