AED Institute-Debunking myths


So many people are afraid of using an AED unit or doing CPR on someone in need.  But the AED Institute of Hawaii wants to debunk some myths.  We asked Pam Foster, President and owner of AED Institute a few questions.

Q: Do you need to be certified to save a life ?

A: No, you do not be certified to do CPR and use an AED.  You can save someone by just remembering CALL, PUSH, RESPOND. 

Q: Can you hurt anyone by doing CPR and using an AED ?

A: No, you can’t hurt anyone by performing CPR.  If you are doing chest compressions, they are technically dead, and we can’t make them worse.  Nobody will let you do compressions if they don’t need it.  The AED will not shock anyone unless it detects a certain heart rhythm like ventricular fibrillation. 

Q: Can I get sued or in trouble for helping someone ?

A: NO, Hawaii has an excellent Good Samaritan law, where it protects you from doing what is in your “scope of practice,” like Basic First Aid, CPR, and using an AED.

Q: Can I use an AED on someone that is pregnant, has a pacemaker, or is wet?

A:  YES! You can use the AED on anyone, but someone submerged in water for more than an inch.

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