Living808 @Home: Organizing

An A&E TV star who’s recovering from COVID-19 is sharing her top tips to get through the pandemic safely and to get organized at home.

Dorothy the Organizer from the hit series Hoarders talked with Living808 @Home about her free 10-Day COVID-19 Organizing Guide which covers everything from prevention and care if infected, to shopping and financial planning.

Dorothy Breininger and her husband Marty have both been in quarantine in different areas of their home after contracting COVID-19.

Dorothy’s FREE 10-day checklist is designed to help you stay safe, organize your life, plan for the future and create checklists for staying on track.

Day one tackles Prevention Planning and What to Do if Affected.

Other daily topics include Resource Gathering, Meals, Work, Family Activity, Home Projects, Finances, and Life after COVID-19.