Gibi del Barrio aka “Abba Geebz” is on a mission to visit 100 hospitals across the U.S. with a goal to cheer up as many ill children as possible via his “Healing Dinosaurs” tour.

Gibi del Barrio aka “Abba Geebz” is a ventriloquist here in Hawaii and a grandfather who has always loved making kids laugh.  This mission is now an expansion of the ambassador work that he does on behalf of veteran ventriloquist, Terry Fator, and the Terry Fator Foundation.  We asked Gibi what inspired him.

“A few years ago I had the opportunity to work as a VIP tour guide at Kualoa Ranch and I had a blast. I’d bring dinosaur toys and create these fun video clips with tourists where it looks like a dinosaur is chasing you? It got such a good reaction and made everyone laugh. It was especially impactful on the children. From there, a light bulb went off to create something with dinosaurs, but in puppet form. The name Abba is short for Abuelo (Spanish for Grandpa), a nick name of sorts when I’d perform and play ukulele.”

Learn more about the mission to visit 100 hospitals at:

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