A DIY wedding may be cheaper, but is it a good idea? Tips from Wedding Café.


There are tons of brides having ‘do it yourself’ weddings, or DIY weddings.  From the food to the music to the invitations, they’re doing it all themselves!  But is this a good thing?

Here to discuss the pros and cons of a DIY wedding, Lauren and Luke Williams from the Wedding Café.

Q: Why should I hire a Professional Caterer instead of having my family pitch in to cook/bake?


  • You want your family to enjoy the day and the days leading up to it.
  • STORAGE – Your mom may make a killer beef stew or your aunty loves to bake but the big issue is where you’re going to store all of the food for your huge local wedding.
  • FOOD safety – keeping food the right temperature in professional grade refrigerators or warmers can help you avoid a nasty case of food poisoning for your family friends.

Q: Why should I hire a Professional Photographer or Videographer when my friend loves to take pictures?


  • Timing-often times the timeline of the day is decided by the needs of the photographer or videographer and most amateur photogs will underestimate timing which could lead to starting your ceremony late, pushing back family photos, or even missing those super popular sunset shots
  • Backup-Professional photographers always have backup gear, their memory cards, and even their staff
  • Angles-every bride and groom want to look their best on their big day so a pro can help shoot from the right angles, with the right light, and even arrange you so that you look your tallest, slimmest, and most flawless

Q: Why should I hire a Professional DJ or Musician instead of plugging in an ipod?


  • Read the crowd-an iPod can do a lot but unless you have someone stationed next to it all night long it can’t take requests!
  • Stretch or lengthen songs to fit the moment (processional, first dance)
  • Extras: Mics for speeches, lighting, entertainment

Q:   When is DIY a good thing for Weddings?

A:Great for small details like favors or special touches like a Thank You Banner or Sign

These are great ways tos how your personality in small, thoughtful ways throughout your Wedding

Check out our friends at Creations By You and they can help you with tons of ideas

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