Honolulu (KHON2) – In another edition of “Dear Panci,” Style Expert, Crystal Pancipanci helps a viewer by giving her tips and suggestions about sensitive and dry skin. 

Brooke, a Living808 viewer from Aiea wrote to Pancipanci Expressing her concerns about her dry and sensitive skin and how to take care of it during the summer heat. A problem crystal has a solution for those looking to invest in skin care, while staying on a budget.

“I recently started loving products made by Aveeno. They have great moisturizers with SPF built-in, which will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays,” says Pancipanci. 

In addition to her topical recommendations, Pancipanci feels that skin care is more than just “skin deep.” She feels it starts from having a good diet.

Pancipanci says, “I think it’s really important to drink water throughout your day. Most people don’t drink enough water which is crucial to skin care. Water replenishes and hydrates the body from the inside out, which in return gives you that natural glow.”

Not only does Pancipanci believe that caring for your body on the inside out, helps with skin care. She feels it is important to find a “self care” routine that works best for you. 

“Stress can cause a lot to your skin, and your overall health. It’s important to take a few hours out of your day and find what really relaxes you. Whether it be working out, reading a book or taking a nap, finding a good time to rest will help reset your body,” says Pancipanci. 

To receive more tips from Crystal Pancipanci, followers are encouraged to reach out to her via her social media account. Those looking to learn more about how Aveeno can hydrate and protect your skin can log onto Aveeno’s official website. 

AVEENO Website: www.Aveeno.com

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