In today’s 808 Style, we are talking about some of the must-have summer fashion items. Mahina Made has been booming and spreading across Hawaii social media, they’re a local company that creates fashionable and practical products inspired by Hawaiian culture. Kailee Freitas, owner of Mahina Made, joined us with all of the details on her company and the inspiration behind it. 

“Our lei tees are really special to me. The inspiration came from that feeling of being gifted lei or wearing lei and how uplifting and honoring it feels. I wanted to be able to capture that as best I could and allow us to feel that way when we wear clothing. To me, these tees are so great because they bring back memories that people associate with different lei or they allow you to gift lei to someone far away since they don’t wilt or die. Every season, we come out with a new collection of women’s tees and I take inspiration from things happening within that season. So, spring and summer, we feature fun, bright colors.”

 You can find Kailee’s creations at, or follow them on social media to hear about their next pop-up event. 

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