Pet owners should prepare for a disaster as early as possible. While we hope disaster never strikes, it is better to be prepared and ready because supplies are hard to come by during emergencies. And according to Thomas Hanns Jr, the communications coordinator at the Hawaiian Humane Society, there are some things you should do to prepare in the event a natural disaster should strike.

In an emergency, listen to your local radio stations and check other news outlets to stay updated on weather conditions and shelter locations. Have supplies stocked and ready to go before disaster strikes. In addition to the recommended supplies for each person in your house, each pet in your home should have: 

● A 14-day supply of food and water in sealed containers along with food and water bowls.

● A crate or carrier for each pet can stand up and turn around with an ID card attached.

● Your pet’s leash and collar with an updated ID tag, be sure that your pet’s microchip is updated with your current contact information before the weather report spells trouble!

● Bedding, towels, and your pet’s favorite toys and treats.

● Medications, hygiene, and grooming supplies, as well as cleaning supplies for crates and litter boxes.

● Your pet’s vaccine records and other veterinary information such as medication and dosage/administration instructions.

● A pet first aid kit.

● In case of separation, have photographs of your pet(s) on hand.

If pet owners decide to evacuate, they should bring all their pets and items mentioned to the shelter. Do NOT leave your pets at home. All emergency shelters opened by the City & County of Honolulu’s Department of Emergency Management are pet-friendly, but you should not expect any of them to stock pet supplies.

Visit the Hawaiian Humane’s website at And stay tuned to social media to get up-to-date information about in-the-moment updates on closures, preparedness tips and more.