Eric Carlson of Revolusun says its not too late to get solar.

“In fact, the best time to go solar was yesterday, the second best is today! And there are 3 important reasons why 2021 is THE year to install a solar system!  The First is for tax credits. We have a sliding solar tax schedule for solar installations, which eventually leads to 0 in a few short years. We have all that information on the schedule on our website, if your viewers want to know more. The growing demand for components is the second.  A skyrocketing demand for the rare earth materials, like cobalt and lithium, that are used not only for the growing solar industry but also the BOOMING electric vehicle market. We are seeing a trend that demand for these materials is going to increase by 70 times today’s level, which could lead to price increases down the road.  And finally, The third is what is being called the “chip shortage” This ties in with EV’s and solar requiring the same components. Microchips that go into EV’s are also used in the inverters and batteries that you would find in a PV system. On top of the competing industries, production delays from Covid will really start showing up in 2022 as we see the economy coming back to life this summer. The demand will out pace the productions of microchips, causing a price hike for a period of time.”

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