Honolulu (KHON2) – From protecting your home to your pet, Zephyr Insurance has some helpful tips for hurricane season.

“Residents can start by preparing their most valuable asset – their home,” says Zephyr Insurance President and CEO Tim Johns. “Start taking the time to assess and make sure their home is equipped to withstand a storm.”

Here are some simple things you can do:

– Trim or remove damaged trees. Trees within close proximity to your home have the ability to rub or damage your roof when swaying in high winds.

– Check gutters and downspouts. Repair or clear if necessary, to prevent potential roof damage and flooding.

– Check for leaks. Check doors, windows and walls for openings that could allow water to enter the home.

– Consider retro-fitting to secure and reinforce the roof. Hurricane clips work by further strengthening the bond between the roof and the walls of your home.

– Take photos of your home. You can use these photos as proof of the condition of your home prior to potential hurricane damage. This will be useful if you need to file a claim.

Also make sure you have a disaster supplies kit.

In the event that a hurricane does hit, we may lose access to power and running water. It’s recommended to have enough supplies in your home to meet your need for at least 14 days. Must-haves include:

– Water (one gallon per person per day)

– Non-perishable packaged or canned food with a non-electrical can opener

– Battery powered radio, flashlight and plenty of extra batteries

– First aid kit, with family’s prescription medications

– COVID related supplies, including hand sanitizers and face masks; and more.

Pet owners should also have an emergency pet kit and know where is the nearest pet-friendly evacuation center.

Emergency Pet kit:

– A crate or carrier your pet is comfortable standing and move around in.

– 14-day food supply in airtight containers.

– Water – at least 3 gallons.

– First aid and 2-week supply of medications. Include vaccine and veterinary information.

– Identification – have photos of your pet and update information on their collar.

– Collar with leash/harness

– Toys and treats

– Grooming supplies

– Sanitation supplies – newspapers plastic bags, disinfectants, paper towels and cat litter.

Hurricane checklists are available at http://www.zephyrins.com/

Now is the time to make sure your families are prepared and that you have all of the right insurance coverage in place. Zephyr is the leading provider of residential hurricane coverage in Hawaii.

For more information about hurricane insurance and preparedness, visit http://www.zephyrins.com/.