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June is National Men’s Health Month, a campaign to encourage men to seek early detection and treatment of health conditions. The goal is to achieve improved health outcomes in men, which in turn, helps men to protect and provide for their families. Dr. Charles Arakaki has been helping men with a variety of issues for years and as he explains, now is the time to get checked.

“We use this opportunity to encourage regular self-exams and screening. In 2000 there were fewer than 80 men for every 100 women by the time they reached age 65 – 74.  See your doctor and prevent simple conditions from being complicated ones. In 2017, life expectancy for women was 81.1yo, in men it was 76.1yo. In 1920, the difference was only 1 year.  Some things that men should check are blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and prostate levels. At Ohana Men’s Clinic we specialize in men who may be experiencing less energy, who may be seeing less results in the gym, losing strength/muscle mass, may be experiencing difficulties in bedroom performance or sex drive. These are possible signs of low testosterone and we encourage these men to talk to their doctors, or come see me at Ohana Men’s Clinic.  We also specialize in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well. We have a device called LIST,  Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy, which is a technology that has been around for decades, but recently has found popularity as a very safe, non-invasive method of producing new blood flow. This treatment has been shown in many studies to be significantly effective in the treatment of ED compared to placebo. With LIST therapy, I have seen patients reduce and even eliminate the need for medications in order to perform in the bedroom.“

For more information, email ohanamensclinic@gmail.com or call (808) 382-9738

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