Flexx Fitness Hawaii Showcases Leg Exercises to build a Lower Body

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Honolulu (KHON2) –  Mikey Monis partners up with Chris Faildo, of Flexx Fitness Hawaii to show off three leg workouts to help build a strong lower half. 

According to Chris Faildo, trainer at Flexx Fitness Hawaii having a strong lower body is essential to building the overall physique. Something he believes people should focus on more of when in the gym. 

“Having a well built lower half is the great foundation to build an upper body because it helps stabilize (or ground) your body, so that your upper half can lift heavier weight. Heavier weight is crucial when wanting to put on muscle,” says Chris Faildo, Trainer and co-owner of Flexx Fitness Hawaii. 

When training for a fitness show, Faildo believes all competitors should aim to have an “X” frame, a look that makes a competitor’s body look complete and well-developed. 

Faildo says, “Legs complete the bottom half of the ‘X’ frame we are trying to achieve when entering a competition. Most competitors stray away from doing an intense leg workout because they think the upper half is all that counts, when in reality, having a great bottom half is much more impressive knowing how hard it can be to achieve.”

When training for a show, Faildo incorporates four leg workouts that should be focused on to help frame the overall body. 

“I always encourage lunges, deadlifts, leg presses and bulgarian lunges into our workout routines. Each workout now only builds the muscles around the surrounding leg area, but helps to develop blood flow to the upper body,” says Faildo. 

Those wanting to learn more about the services at Flexx Fitness Hawaii, including their month to month membership, are encouraged to check out the gym’s official website.



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