As part of the 40th anniversary of the Hawaii Nature Center, two new fall programs have been placed on the menu, with one specifically to serve the growing body of homeschool students.  We spoke to executive director Todd Cullison about the new Weekly Science Series & Afterschool/Late Afternoon Program.

“With hesitancy to return to the classroom for some students and families, we wanted to create alternative social and educational environments that use the outdoors and nature as a classroom.  Born from the times in which we are advocating a return to nature with less screen time and more green time. The best way to learn is to do. Our programs are about education through  a multi-sensory experience.”

We asked for him to update us on how the summer programs have gone.

“Nearly 600 students attended our summer programs and there’s accelerating need for children to make sense of the headlines and these climate fires, rising seas, greenhouse gases, accelerating pollution and its impact on the planet – our kids are inheriting this earth and these changes and need to have deep awareness and skills as solution seekers.”

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