On Kauai’s North Shore, the entire community has come together to give new life to Anaina Hou Community Park, a 15-acre property, which is a community-gathering place rooted in the island’s diverse history and honoring a culture that calls us to Mālama the land and sea, ourselves, and each other. To this end, the Park dedicates itself to developing public and private partnerships that benefit the community through education, health and public safety, environmental stewardship and arts and entertainment. The vision of Anaina Hou Community Park is to enrich the lives of Kauai residents and visitors from around the world. Anaina Hou Community Park has many growing activities, including the amazing Ahi Lele Fire Show. Besides the fire show, the park features an incredible playground, mini golf with botanical gardens and a farmer’s market for the whole community.

Jill Lowry, Executive Director and Ben Karon, Director of Operations, joined Living808 to talk about the many things going on at the park.

“We carry on the founder’s dream of organic farming, recreation and community building as a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 campus featuring a unique 18-hole botanical miniature golf course that navigates the history of the Hawaiian Islands, and the Porter Pavilion, a 4000 square foot venue suited to theater arts, concerts, weddings, and other celebrations.  We offer a robust Saturday Farmer’s Market & Tuesday Maker’s Market typically draw 300-500 guests and focus on locally grown, locally crafted products. The Haven at Anaina Hou is a program for youth and offers local kids programming Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays, it’s been a great opportunity for kids coming out of COVID hibernation, and gives them an opportunity to explore their creativity in music and arts, one example being the production of a local newscast on Earth Day.”

And there is a lot of entertainment on the horizon.

“Music has always been an important aspect of the entertainment we offer at Anaina Hou. We have Paula Fuga coming up on August 14th and John Cruz on August 27th,

In January, we are partnering with, and a beneficiary of, Innovative Giving Enhancements 2022 Grateful Aloha week-long music celebration fundraiser. This event will bring world class musicians to Kauai and involve them locally in the community. (Ben to speak to the music festival.”

For a full list of events be sure to visit online at www.anainahou.org

Anaina Hou Community Park  

education & environment, public health & safety, arts & culture

5-2723 Kuhio Hwy., Kilauea HI 96754