Julian Cepeda is a local filmmaker who just completed a short film on two Samoan brothers who have a struggling relationship as the older brother has just gained passage to follow his dream, but has to save his little brother from his drug addiction.

“Hometown Hero is a film that is inspired by the beauty and the struggle of the west side of O’ahu where we tackle the mental health concerns, high rates of suicide, and drug addiction found on our island. I made this film in dedication to all the beautiful Polynesian, Black, Brown, and Indigenous cultures around the Pacific who don’t get enough light on what we go through every day, with a blend of Hip-Hop as I’m from Brooklyn, NY. Really, I made this film for all the locals on the island and for those who feel like they don’t have a voice or a reflection of themselves within cinema.”

You can view the new trailer for ‘Hometown Hero’ on http://vimeo.com

Email castinghometownhero@gmail.com if you’d like to help fund the project. There are also position to act in the film, or be part of the crew.  They welcome any donations and anyone who is looking to get involved.