“Oh My Goddess!”, the IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre invites you to experience the enchanting spirit of Hawaiian goddesses, contemplate pressing environmental issues, and witness the transcendent beauty of contemporary dance. This performance is sure to leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind. “Oh My Goddess!” Is a blend of Hawaiian mythology, contemporary storytelling, and the entrancing art of Butoh dance. It offers a fresh perspective on Hawaiian heritage and the imperative to protect the environment. The production serves as a bridge between ancient Hawaiian myths and pressing environmental concerns, such as volcanic eruptions, tree loss, rising sea levels, and the impact of climate change.  Cheryl Flaharty, the Founder and Artistic Director of the production, joined John Veneri on Living808 to talk about the show.

“The deliberate choice to feature four Hawaiian goddesses – Pele, Hiʻiaka, Nāmaka, and Poliʻahu – allows “Oh My Goddess!” to explore various facets of Hawaiian culture and nature. These goddesses symbolize different aspects of the islands’ heritage and environment. Through their portrayals, the production delves into issues like volcanic activity, deforestation, oceanic change, and the Mauna Kea conflict.”

Known for their visually striking costumes, the IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre continues to shine with “Oh My Goddess!” Collaborating with designer Kini Zamora, the costumes for this production are breathtaking. Each one captures the essence of the respective goddess:

Pele’s costume, inspired by the Victorian era, reflects her passionate nature.

Namaka’s attire evokes the deep sea, symbolizing her dominion over the waters.

Hi‘iaka’s costume pays homage to Hawaii’s diverse flora and fauna.

Poli‘ahu’s attire embodies her serene yet powerful persona, reminiscent of a peaceful warrior.

Save the Date

Don’t miss “Oh My Goddess!” at the Hawaii Convention Center. Friday, September 29th through Sunday, October 1st. Visit ohmygoddess.info for more information and tickets.