Sharecare and Laulima provide support for local families


Sharecare’s stated mission is “helping people feel good, while doing good for our community”.  

Along with HMSA and Blue Zones Project, Sharecare is raising up to $500,000 that will go to five local non-profits including the Laulima Giving program. 

The primary focus of Laulima Giving is working families.

Laulima Giving calls them the “Gap” group because they don’t typically qualify for government services.

They were probably working right up until the time they sought help from Laulima or perhaps they’re out of work because they’re caring for a sick child.

This group includes people who had some catastrophic illness and find themselves a one-income family when two are needed.

“They’re definitely the people who would not normally ask for help.”, says Laulima’s Executive Director, Momi Akana, “What’s always wonderful is seeing them come back in future years because they were helped the year before.”

Thanks to Sharecare, anyone can support Laulima Giving right now – all they need to do is begin using the Sharecare app and take the RealAge Test.

Sharecare, Blue Zones Project and HMSA will make $5 to local charities like Helping Hands for each test taken.


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