Office workers pitch in to adopt Laulima family


We want to thank all of you who’ve adopted a Laulima family this holiday season.

The gift of giving, it seems, knows no bounds from children to individuals to businesses.

Office Team employees have been donating $5 on Casual Fridays all year to buy presents for a Laulima family.

“Everybody’s like, okay I’ve got this, I’ve got this, checking off the boxes and making sure that everybody gets what they want and more and the more is even better,” said Office Team’s Nathan Whitaker. 

All for the family they chose.

“I am truly blessed to be working with this ohana right here, talk about resilience this is it right here this is Rose-Marie Spencer, Alika and baby Lily. The 2 girls couldn’t be here today, they’re in school,” said Keiki O Ka Aina caseworker Krystal Perry. 

A near fatal crash ten years ago left Alika paralyzed from the waist down. 

“When I first got into an accident, it took me a couple years to find myself and rehabilitate myself to accept what happened and once I finally found that i found the lord was strongest in carrying me through all my struggles,” said Alika. 

Rose-Marie and Alika met five years ago, when she was a nurse at the hospital where Alika got physical therapy.  But then she got hurt and fell into prescription pain-killer addiction.

She overcame that, but they were homeless, living in a car with their two daughters and she was pregnant.

Then tragedy struck again when Lily was born.

“She was supposed to have a twin brother and he didn’t make it through the pregnancy, but we look at it as he gave his life for her and being positive about it,” said Alika. “So we feel like she has a little guardian angel watching that’s why she’s so happy.”

And so this outpouring of aloha and gifts from Office Team, its clients, and employees is equaled by deep appreciation.

“Thank you for choosing our family, cause you guys could have chose any family,” said Rose-Marie.

“I just want to thank all of you guys, because this is more than anything I could have ever asked for, more than anything I could have asked for, I just bless you guys, thank you,” said Alika. 

From a family with resolve to never give up.

Rose-Marie just got a job and they’re working toward a home of their own.

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